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Cummins Inc. Diffusion Layer Development Technical Specialist 扩散层开发高级工程师 - 临港 in Shanghai, China

Diffusion Layer Development Technical Specialist 扩散层开发高级工程师 - 临港


Job description:

  • Responsible for the development of cathode and anode diffusion layers of PEM water electrolyzer stack and formulate the development plan of diffusion layer.

  • Design the characterization method of the micro pore structure and gas-liquid transportation performance of diffusion layers.

  • Test the gas diffusion layer and put forward optimization and improvement suggestions.

  • Design and simulate the pore size, porosity, gradient pore size distribution structure, hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties, and microporous layer structure of the cathode and anode diffusion layers of the PEM water electrolysis cell.

  • According to the actual product requirements of the electrolyzer stack, cooperate with the development engineers of membrane electrodes and bipolar plates to design and optimize the structure of the gas diffusion layer, and put forward clear technical requirements for the diffusion layer supplier.

  • 负责PEM水电解电解槽阴阳极扩散层的开发并制定扩散层开发方案;

  • 设计扩散层的微观孔隙结构的表征及气液传输性能的表征方法;

  • 对气体扩散层进行测试,并提出优化改进建议;

  • 对PEM水电解电解槽的阴阳极扩散层的孔径、孔隙率、梯度化孔径分布结构、亲疏水特性、微孔层结构等开展设计、模拟及仿真工作;

  • 根据电解槽实际产品需求,协同膜电极、双极板开发工程师,定向设计、优化气体扩散层结构,并对扩散层供应商提出明确技术需求;


Job requirements:

  • Master degree or above, professional background in electrochemistry, materials science, physical chemistry, chemical engineering, etc.

  • Have a solid basic knowledge of electrochemistry and be proficient in the main material structure characterization and electrochemical performance testing methods.

  • Proficiency in consulting English materials of the major, proficiency in statistical processing of relevant test data, and summary and reporting of experimental results.

  • Experience in fuel cell, PEM electrolyzer stack diffusion layer components or stack performance testing is preferred;

  • Good communication and expression skills, cheerful personality, team spirit and strong sense of work responsibility.

  • 硕士及以上学历,电化学、材料学、物理化学、化工等专业背景;

  • 具有扎实的电化学专业基础知识,熟练掌握主要材料结构表征与电化学性能测试方法;

  • 能熟练查阅本专业英文资料,能熟练进行相关测试数据统计处理并对实验结果进行总结和汇报;

  • 有燃料电池、PEM电解槽扩散层部件或电堆性能测试经验者优先考虑;

  • 良好的沟通及表达能力,性格开朗、具有团队意识和强烈的工作责任感。


Primary Location China-Shanghai-Shanghai-China, Shanghai, NPBU

Job Type Experienced - Exempt / Office

Recruitment Job Type Exempt - Experienced

Job Posting Aug 24, 2022, 3:23:10 AM

Unposting Date Ongoing

Organization New Power Business

Req ID: 2200077K