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Cummins Inc. 2022 暑期实习-机械测试工程师 in Wuhan, China

2022 暑期实习-机械测试工程师


  • Investigates product and system problems, understands causal mechanisms, recommends appropriate action, owns problem resolution and documents results with guidance from more experienced team members.

  • 调查产品问题,与成员一起查找失效原因,给出建议。

  • Main focus is on the execution and improvement of established processes primarily documented in detailed local and global work instructions (EPs) that are required in Engineering Standard Work (ESW) and/or Design Validation Plans (DVP&R). This is accomplished through standard, as well as development of specialized experimental tools and methods that are required to support the Design and Validation processes and enable high confidence decision making.

  • 根据标准或者工作指导,完成实验流程及报告。

  • Develop and finish the vibration, noise, strain gage, temperature, pressure, etc. measurement and document the report. Provide the customer to reasonable suggestion according to the measurement results.

  • 开发和完成振动,噪声,应变,温度,压力等类型测试及报告。

  • Finish the shaker test and lift hook test and document the report according to the customer request.

  • 依据客户需求,完成振动台及吊耳实验及报告。

  • Maintain and calibration the equipment according to Cummins policy.

  • 根据要求,维护和校准设备

  • Obey to the work arrangement and management.

  • 遵守工作安排和管理


  • Applies Principles of Fatigue and Durability - Determines life of components and systems via numerical modeling and/or physical measurements; evaluates component temperatures, natural frequencies, mode shapes, displacements, strains/stresses, wear, and fatigue life to draw conclusions that influence design decisions with internal and external customers.

  • 应用疲劳和耐久性原则-通过数值模拟和/或物理测量确定组件和系统的寿命;评估组件温度、固有频率、模态振型、位移、应变/应力、磨损和疲劳寿命,从而得出影响内部和外部客户设计决策的结论。

  • Applies Principles of Noise and Acoustics - Determines the acoustic behavior of components and systems via numerical modeling and/or physical measurements; evaluates both air and structure borne noise, sound power levels, sound quality, flexible body motion, and natural frequencies to draw conclusions that influence design decisions with internal and external customers.

  • 应用噪声和声学原理-通过数值建模和/或物理测量确定部件和系统的声学行为;评估空气和结构所产生的噪音、声功率级、音质、柔性身体运动和固有频率,从而得出影响内部和外部客户设计决策的结论。

  • Applies Principles of Dynamics and Vibration - Determines motion of components and systems via numerical modeling and/or physical measurements; evaluates rigid and flexible body motion, natural frequencies, mode shapes, displacements, velocities, accelerations, friction, and wear to draw conclusions that influence design decisions with internal and external customers.

  • 应用动力学和振动原理-通过数值建模和/或物理测量确定组件和系统的运动;评估刚体和柔性体的运动、固有频率、振型、位移、速度、加速度、摩擦和磨损,从而得出影响内部和外部客户设计决策的结论。

  • Applies Principles of Fatigue-Determines the life of the components, and evaluate the reliability of the components to guide product design work.

  • 应用疲劳原理-确定部件的寿命,评估部件的可靠性,以指导产品设计工作。

  • Product Systems Modeling and Analysis - Impacts product design decisions to best meet stakeholder's requirements through the utilization and interpretation of numerical tools and methods that predict the performance of a component or system.

  • 产品系统建模和分析——通过使用和解释数值工具和方法来预测组件或系统的性能,影响产品设计决策,以最好地满足涉众的需求。

  • Product Function Test System Design - Interprets test equipment specifications from test standards or lab customer requirements; selects and integrates appropriate equipment, instrumentation and software to control boundary conditions and collect measurement data; assesses capability of the lab equipment against the requirements and support infrastructure.

  • 产品功能测试系统设计-根据测试标准或实验室客户要求解释测试设备规格;选择和集成合适的设备、仪器和软件来控制边界条件和收集测量数据;根据要求和支持基础设施评估实验室设备的能力。

  • Function Based Product Testing of "X" - Selects appropriate equipment and techniques to operate the product and record operational data in a hardware or software based testing environment most often required as part of a product verification or validation plan; evaluates quality and validity of measurement data; analyzes test results using accepted standards to characterize product capabilities in alignment with the requirements of the engineer responsible for making product decisions.

  • “X”的基于功能的产品测试-选择适当的设备和技术来操作产品,并在基于硬件或软件的测试环境中记录操作数据,这是产品验证或验证计划中最经常需要的一部分;评估测量数据的质量和有效性;根据负责产品决策的工程师的要求,使用公认的标准分析测试结果,以确定产品的性能。

  • Applies Principles of Statistical Methods - Analyzes technical data using descriptive statistics, probability distributions, graphical analysis, and statistical inference (population and sample, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing); models relationships between response and independent variables using analysis of variance, regression, and design of experiments to make rigorous, data-based decisions.

  • 应用统计方法原理-使用描述性统计、概率分布、图形分析和统计推断(总体和样本、置信区间和假设检验)分析技术数据;利用方差分析、回归分析和实验设计来建立响应和自变量之间的关系模型,以做出严格的、基于数据的决策。

  • Decision quality - Making good and timely decisions that keep the organization moving forward.

  • 决策质量——做出良好和及时的决策,以保持组织向前发展。

  • Drives results - Consistently achieving results, even under tough circumstances.

  • 推动结果-持续达成结果,即使在艰难的环境下。

  • Collaborates - Building partnerships and working collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives.

  • 合作-建立伙伴关系并与他人合作以达成共同目标。

  • Communicates effectively - Developing and delivering multi-mode communications that convey a clear understanding of the unique needs of different audiences.

  • 有效沟通-发展和传递多模式的沟通,明确了解不同受众的独特需求。

  • Self-development - Actively seeking new ways to grow and be challenged using both formal and informal development channels.

  • 自我发展——积极寻求新的成长方式,并通过正式和非正式的发展渠道接受挑战。


Primary Location China-Hubei-Wuhan-China, Wuhan, East Asia R&D Center

Job Type College / University

Recruitment Job Type Student - Internship

Job Posting Mar 28, 2022, 4:27:08 AM

Unposting Date Ongoing

Organization Engine Business

Req ID: 220001JL